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January Trout Fishing – Driftless Area

With the warmer than normal weather we experienced last weekend some friends and I got out for a day of trout fishing in the driftless area.  Due to some rain and snow melt we encountered some situations that we all learned from which in turn will make us more successful in the future.  The first … Continue reading »

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Winter Trout – Driftless Area

With all the holiday activity finally settling down I found some time to head west and fish some spring creeks in the Driftless Area.  Most of the spring creeks in Southwest Wisconsin stay free of ice through the winter months, and now that the early season begins the first Saturday in January we have 2 … Continue reading »

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Summer is Here

Been too long since the last post, but a lot has happened so I’ll do my best to catch up.  Last update was in April when the caddis started hatching and they did so for several weeks.  Surface and sub-surface caddis patterns provided some of the best hatch fishing of the year.  Fish come out … Continue reading »

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Driftless Caddis 4/17/2016

Sometimes you head to your  favorite trout stream looking for a particular hatch and all the conditions seem right, and for some random reason of cruel fate, it never materializes.  This was not that day.  Everywhere you found rocks and riffles, you found Caddis popping and trout rising.  The heads of pools was where the action … Continue reading »

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Mysteries of the Driftless

Here is an amazing short documentary about the geographic and biological diversity of one of the most unique places in our country which happens to be in our backyards.

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New Video Link

There is a new link in the video section for the Remedy Fishing Channel.  This is Ben’s new youtube channel dedicated to the creative side of fly fishing film.  Ben’s skills with the camera and editing are improving with every video and I personally am looking forward to seeing what’s to come. Here is the … Continue reading »

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