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Posted by on August 20, 2014
Gives you an idea of what the trout see.

This was on my windshield. This angle gives you an idea of what the trout see.

Andrew and I went to check out some spring creek hopper fishing on Sunday, but the weather was cool and cloudy and the hoppers never started hopping.  We could see plenty of hoppers in the tall grass along the creeks acting kind of lethargic.  In my experience it takes some good sunshine to get them bouncing all over the place.  I still managed a beautiful brook trout on a small hopper pattern that could even pass for a big caddis and several others on nymphs.  Andrew stuck to the streamer most of the afternoon and landed a few of the bigger trout of the day.  He also had some luck with a couple different mayfly patterns including a small adams.  It was not the hopper day I was hoping for, but I never leave the Driftless Area disappointed.  Beautiful scenery, bald eagles, and wild trout….  a perfect recipe for creating great memories.  I’ve really been cranking out some new hopper patterns this year that I’m dying to see get eaten, which is probably the reason why my patience is running thin for the hopper bite.  It looks like southern Wisconsin is going to see some warm sunny weather this week.  I’m guessing the hoppers will come alive.








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