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Lake-Run Love

Posted by on November 3, 2014

Most anglers I know don’t get as much time on the water as they would like.  I’m fortunate enough to have a lady that understands my “problem” and allows me at least one day a week to get out for a day of fishing.  The last four weeks I’ve fished for lake-run trout five times with zero to show other than a few steelhead smolt in Michigan.  Yesterday, in Wisconsin my curse was broken by a coho that grabbed my orange steamer as I stripped it through the slack water at the end of my swing.  It was my first big, red, hook-jawed coho.  I’m guessing it was a good seven or eight pounds.  It never made any long runs, but was strong until I got him in the shallows.  After a few photos and a release I switched to an egg/indi setup, and a few drifts in my indicator shot about three feet down stream.  When I set the hook I felt one throb and it was over.



After a while I moved back to the top of the run, and eventually I hooked a really strong brown trout.  It may have felt stronger as a result of fishing my six weight rod, but it made the coho seem kind of lazy.  Other anglers out there were having some success with mostly browns across the board.  A couple of my friends have caught some steelhead in the last two weeks so I know there’s a few around.  It just seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve tangled with a good steelhead and I’m getting anxious!



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