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Conserving More Than Water

Posted by on April 22, 2015

He Holds The Patent That Could DESTROY Monsanto And Change The World!


I’m making the assumption that most anglers that find themselves on this website are somehow deep inside conservationists’ whether they know it or not.  It is every outdoor enthusiast’s responsibility to protect the places we work, play, and use for recreation.  This topic goes far beyond just protecting water for fisherman and women.  I’m a firm believer that all living things depend on each other and the earths resources.  You can’t hide from problems across the country or even on the other side of the world.  If China and Japan destroy our oceans then Americans in the pacific will have no fish.  If toxic pesticides contaminate our soil, crops, and in turn all of our food that we ship nation wide it will affect all of us.  As Dylan said “the times they are a changing”.  More and more people are beginning to ask what’s going into our food, water, soil, and air.  As much as this is a hopeful awakening fighting multi-billion dollar industries is no easy task.  Especially when they lobby with the federal government to make sure no legislation exposes these big companies dirty secrets.  Money, money, and more money is a much higher priority to these businesses and the Feds than say healthy soil, water, and people.  After all, once we’re sick they can sell us drugs!

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