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Mothers Day Fun

Posted by on May 12, 2015

For mothers day my lovely lady had the idea to get away and spend a night in a beautiful place just relaxing.  Our first idea was to go the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and hike around some waterfalls, but the weather had changed drastically and a cold front moved our plans west instead of straight north.  We ended up staying at a rustic cabin in the driftless area right on a spring creek.  After we settled in my son Asher and I walked down to the creek to see if there was any “fishy” water near by.  Just a few steps away were two nice pools.  After I noticed a few rises and didn’t see any bugs I tied on the extended bodied crane fly that I tied this winter with a bwo emerger behind it.  After a few casts I saw the crane fly drop and I set the hook.  As soon as I had the fish on the reel I gave the rod to Asher and let him feel the tug.  He held the rod and I cranked the reel and eventually I slid the net under a perfect foot long brown trout.  After we released the fish Asher yelled “let’s get ’em again!”  The next morning while the family was sleeping I walked back to the pool and missed two and landed another fat brown trout.  When my family woke we packed up and headed to Pikes Peak State Park in Iowa to hike around and see some amazing views of the confluence of the Wisconsin River and the Mississippi.  A rustic cabin, a few trout, a campfire, and a beautiful hike with my favorite people in the world made this mothers day one to remember.












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