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Fall Fishin’

Well, this year I haven’t gotten out nearly as much as I would like to due to busy work and family life, but there was a window of decent fishing on Wisc0nsin’s southern Lake Michigan tributaries this fall.  Some friends of mine who did get out saw about 2-3 weeks of fairly consistent fishing, and by … Continue reading »

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More Brown

I swung a lot of the Milwaukee yesterday and my favorite run finally coughed up a real nice Brown while it was raining just after noon.  The fishing seems  to be a little slow this year which is surprising because we’ve had a good amount of rain to push fish up the river.  Maybe it’s just … Continue reading »

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Milwaukee River Report

After a month of mixed results in October, Browns and Steelhead are finally starting to be caught consistently.  Unfortunately, these results are limited to the lower reaches of the river.  Me and Anthony have had limited results fishing other favorite runs in the middle and upper reaches.  For migratory fishing, I consider Kletzsch to be the upper reaches … Continue reading »

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Puke and Perseverance = Lake Run Fun

After a big nap after work Friday I had plans to meet my lady at  her friends place and get a fire going.  I brought a six pack of one of my favorite craft beers Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale and a few select bombers for others to enjoy.  Over the next 5 hours I had … Continue reading »

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Milwaukee River Smallies

Water on the Milwaukee River has been flowing above average for almost the last three months, and at times it was so high it wasn’t all that practical to fish.  The last couple weeks however we’ve seen some warmer weather and a little less rain.  Finally, the river is within its banks and has a … Continue reading »

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Rebound Brown – Southern Wisconsin Tribs

Hit the water with a few friends yesterday and we picked up a couple drop-back brown trout.  These are the browns that entered the river last fall to spawn and hung around foraging on the rivers bounty until the water starts to warm and then they will head back to the lake.  Adam had a … Continue reading »

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