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Tagged With: conservation

Breathing New Life into a Local Favorite

These guys put together a nice video about a special place for fly anglers close to Chicago.  This river is undergoing a dam removal real soon that should overall improve the water quality, but it will definitely have a different personality as a free flowing river.  Opening well over a hundred miles of river including … Continue reading »

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Protecting Salmon Strongholds

Along both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts we have decimated most of our salmon populations with dams, pollution, disease, and mines.  The evidence is there showing the negative effects of all of these practices yet we continue to gamble with a keystone species habitat for gas and oil.  Tell me how risking an entire ecosystem … Continue reading »

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Everglades Needs Help

Just another story of big business trying to destroy critical habitat for profits.  Buying out politicians and backing out of a land deal that would provide a holding area for the toxic water coming from the agricultural land surrounding it is what the company US Sugar is trying to do.  Without clean fresh water to … Continue reading »

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Help Save the Menominee River

The Menominee River is a major tributary of Green Bay and the Great Lakes.  It also forms most of the border between NE Wisconsin and the UP.  Currently, it is in danger of being developed into an open pit gold and zinc mine by Aquila Resources via their Back Forty Project.  Please visit the link and sign the online … Continue reading »

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Conserving More Than Water

He Holds The Patent That Could DESTROY Monsanto And Change The World! I’m making the assumption that most anglers that find themselves on this website are somehow deep inside conservationists’ whether they know it or not.  It is every outdoor enthusiast’s responsibility to protect the places we work, play, and use for recreation.  This topic … Continue reading »

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Salmon Farmers’ ads more full of crap than seabed beneath their pens

Saw this on moldy chum and felt obligated to share it.  Salmon farms are generally corrupt, but in open water they also affect our oceans.  It amazes me that Government continues to pour money into programs that cost more than they generate both financially and environmentally.  This article in Common Sense Canadian magazine debunks every … Continue reading »

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