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Tagged With: fly tying

Pike Fly Sessions

I can only take so many days chasing fish that don’t wanna eat (lake-run trout) before I get the urge to watch a reckless predator chase and eat a 10 inch fly.  So, I’ve decided to fill up my pike box with some new patterns for this spring.

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Cabin Fever Fly Tying

My usual mid-winter cabin fever fly tying has kicked in with patterns ranging from small trout flies to larger streamers, and even some saltwater stuff for my trips to the Everglades thrown in there.  One thing about being a fly angler in the midwest is that it can force a person to learn to tie … Continue reading »

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Wally Winged Mayfly

Here’s my first extended bodied mayfly and also my first attempt at the “Wally Wing” technique to make perfect mayfly wings by splitting a barred mallard feather stem.  Click here for a better description and instruction on how to tie these beautiful wings that can be applied to any mayfly pattern with a variety of different … Continue reading »

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Fly Tying – Articulated Streamer

I still don’t have all the materials to tie the D&D correctly, but it has been inspiring me to tie some big articulated stuff with many of the same characteristics.  Here is a time lapse of my latest spin-off of the D&D.  

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Drunk and Disorderly Streamer Video

I’ve been waiting a while for this one.  I’ve seen this streamer hanging out of more huge brown trout faces than many others combined.  Deer hair heads have always had a irresistible diving and side to side action when stripped erratically.  Adding a bunch of flash, a rattle, and articulation never hurts.  See The Fish … Continue reading »

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Good ol’ Wisconsin

I spent the last two weekends camping in Wisconsin.  Two weeks ago I camped at Devil’s Lake with a few friends and enjoyed the great outdoors.  My friends weren’t interested in fishing but I managed to fish the lake one morning and head over to the Wisconsin River the following morning to get my fix.  I … Continue reading »

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