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brown trout

Fly Tying – Articulated Streamer

I still don’t have all the materials to tie the D&D correctly, but it has been inspiring me to tie some big articulated stuff with many of the same characteristics.  Here is a time lapse of my latest spin-off of the D&D.  

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Drunk and Disorderly Streamer Video

I’ve been waiting a while for this one.  I’ve seen this streamer hanging out of more huge brown trout faces than many others combined.  Deer hair heads have always had a irresistible diving and side to side action when stripped erratically.  Adding a bunch of flash, a rattle, and articulation never hurts.  See The Fish … Continue reading »

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Lake-Run Love

Most anglers I know don’t get as much time on the water as they would like.  I’m fortunate enough to have a lady that understands my “problem” and allows me at least one day a week to get out for a day of fishing.  The last four weeks I’ve fished for lake-run trout five times … Continue reading »

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Lake-Run Brown Trout 9/18

For at least the last week or two Great Lakes trout and salmon have been making their move up the tributaries.  I visited my favorite local trib today and was pleased to connect with a beautiful brown around 24”.  I did not see a ton of salmon moving, but they did make their presence known.  Things will only improve for the … Continue reading »

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West Branch Delaware River

My girlfriends family organized a gathering near where she grew up in Connecticut last weekend, so like most fisherman I saw this as an opportunity to fish some new places out east.  I was told by a friend who lives in central New York that the W.B. Delaware was the place to go in the middle of … Continue reading »

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A Day in the Driftless

The last week or so the weather has finally started to resemble spring.  Saturday morning Andrew and I geared up and headed for the Driftless to get our first fix of the year on small stream trout.  Upon our arrival at the first creek we noticed the run-off had stained the water more than we … Continue reading »

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