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Michigan Steelhead 4/9/16

Last weekend a bunch of guys and I headed up north along Michigan’s west coast with a few small boats, way too many fly rods, a smoker, and a cooler full of meat.  Exactly the way I expected to celebrate the end of my non-married life.  Along the way we checked the weather forecast and … Continue reading »

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Salmon River Steelhead

Fishing has always had the ability to bring people together from all sorts of places and backgrounds.  Sometimes even reconnecting people from the past.  Dane Jackson was more of an acquaintance in high school than a friend.  We shared friends, but never really crossed paths in our free time.  His name came up a couple … Continue reading »

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The Mighty Skeena

Some of the best steelhead footage I’ve found on the web.  

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Steelhead Flies

Flies for steelhead or lake-run trout are by far my favorite to tie.  There is no “hatch matching” here.  Each hook or tube is like a blank canvas open to reflect whatever mood or style of fishing you desire.  Bright colors and alien-like characteristics are encouraged with these flies.  There is no need for emulating natural … Continue reading »

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Lake-Run Brown Trout 9/18

For at least the last week or two Great Lakes trout and salmon have been making their move up the tributaries.  I visited my favorite local trib today and was pleased to connect with a beautiful brown around 24”.  I did not see a ton of salmon moving, but they did make their presence known.  Things will only improve for the … Continue reading »

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Summer or Fall?

Lately, I’ve been wondering if we’re ever going to see a real heat wave or if this abnormally cool summer will transition right into Fall.  With more salmon sightings in harbors, and even some rivers, I believe the Fall is coming fast.  With that in mind I start thinking of steelhead, and how lucky I … Continue reading »

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