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Lake Run Trout

Bolster the Coaster

Thinking about hitting the UP in the Spring so I’ve been reading up on Lake Run Brook Trout aka Coasters.  There really doesn’t seem to be a solid fishery anywhere for them in Michigan or Wisconsin but Canada and Minnesota have had some success.  Targeting them seems futile but it’s still nice knowing they can … Continue reading »

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Salmon River Steelhead

Fishing has always had the ability to bring people together from all sorts of places and backgrounds.  Sometimes even reconnecting people from the past.  Dane Jackson was more of an acquaintance in high school than a friend.  We shared friends, but never really crossed paths in our free time.  His name came up a couple … Continue reading »

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Lake-Run Love

Most anglers I know don’t get as much time on the water as they would like.  I’m fortunate enough to have a lady that understands my “problem” and allows me at least one day a week to get out for a day of fishing.  The last four weeks I’ve fished for lake-run trout five times … Continue reading »

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Lake-Run Brown Trout 9/18

For at least the last week or two Great Lakes trout and salmon have been making their move up the tributaries.  I visited my favorite local trib today and was pleased to connect with a beautiful brown around 24”.  I did not see a ton of salmon moving, but they did make their presence known.  Things will only improve for the … Continue reading »

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The Early Spring Swing

With the early lock-up this Winter and late thaw this Spring, Cabin Fever has been all too real.  Not to mention, I’ve been stuck in mandatory training at work the last 6 weeks away from home due to my promotion, so I’ve been unable to sneak out and fish.  I was worried about the water … Continue reading »

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Fall Fishin’

Well, this year I haven’t gotten out nearly as much as I would like to due to busy work and family life, but there was a window of decent fishing on Wisc0nsin’s southern Lake Michigan tributaries this fall.  Some friends of mine who did get out saw about 2-3 weeks of fairly consistent fishing, and by … Continue reading »

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