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Michigan Steelhead 4/9/16

Last weekend a bunch of guys and I headed up north along Michigan’s west coast with a few small boats, way too many fly rods, a smoker, and a cooler full of meat.  Exactly the way I expected to celebrate the end of my non-married life.  Along the way we checked the weather forecast and … Continue reading »

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Long Time Coming

Everyone who has chased steelhead knows that they don’t come easy.  If you haven’t targeted them just imagine fishing in the coldest conditions to a fish that doesn’t need to eat and is migrating upstream with two things on it’s mind; survival and reproduction.  Feeding is merely a habit that they sometimes can’t ignore and … Continue reading »

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Steelhead Flies

Flies for steelhead or lake-run trout are by far my favorite to tie.  There is no “hatch matching” here.  Each hook or tube is like a blank canvas open to reflect whatever mood or style of fishing you desire.  Bright colors and alien-like characteristics are encouraged with these flies.  There is no need for emulating natural … Continue reading »

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Classic Flies

These flies are not only fun to tie but a pleasure to fish after throwing string leeches with lead eyes and large intruder style flies for a long time.  You can really get your loops to roll out nicely with delicate and accurate presentations.

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