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Steelhead Flies

Flies for steelhead or lake-run trout are by far my favorite to tie.  There is no “hatch matching” here.  Each hook or tube is like a blank canvas open to reflect whatever mood or style of fishing you desire.  Bright colors and alien-like characteristics are encouraged with these flies.  There is no need for emulating natural … Continue reading »

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Summer or Fall?

Lately, I’ve been wondering if we’re ever going to see a real heat wave or if this abnormally cool summer will transition right into Fall.  With more salmon sightings in harbors, and even some rivers, I believe the Fall is coming fast.  With that in mind I start thinking of steelhead, and how lucky I … Continue reading »

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Intruder Alert

This is a flexible pattern that’s intended for Steelhead but it works for all of our lake run fish.  Intruder style flies are designed to create a large profile with minimum materials.  The takes on this style of fly can be electrifying and it swims like a champ.  They don’t look like food but their … Continue reading »

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Inside My Fly Box

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Steelhead Fly

Every year I find new ways to tie egg-sucking leeches, so here’s the latest one from the vise.

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Swinging Old School for Lake-Run Trout

Today I switched up my presentation a bit to suit the low, clear river conditions by sizing down my fly and tippet to see if the old saying might pay off.  The general rule is that a smaller fly is best in low/clear river conditions and a larger fly for higher/stained water.  In the past … Continue reading »

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